Let the horse be your teacher


Horses are healers, teachers & companions

Heart Centered Horsemanship seeks to enhance the well-being of horses through educating people in clear and consistent methods that facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship. They are sentient beings that deserve to be treated with respect and honor.

It is often the skills of the person, not the horse, that need the most work. Learning to be grounded and centered, attuned to the horse, noticing and responding, in the present moment: these are the qualities of good horsemanship and riding.

Heart Centered Horsemanship can help you and your horse to work through challenges, strengthen connection, move through resistance, and develop a joyful partnership.

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Yoga for Equestrians Classes & Retreats

The practice of yoga provides a wealth of benefits that enhance horsemanship and riding. The ability to ride depends on the horse allowing us to guide them without resistance, to trust us to make decisions and to follow our communication through what they are feeling from us. As the horse’s leader and guide, it is essential to maintain a calm and grounded presence, to stay attuned to the horse in the moment, to be aware of the subtle communications of the body, and to work from a place of compassion and good intentions.

Yin Horsemanship Clinics

We strive to improve the relationship between horse and rider through natural horsemanship techniques. Our clinics provide a unique opportunity for riders of all levels to learn from experienced instructors in a supportive and engaging environment. Yin Horsemanship Clinics teach participants techniques to create a soft, harmonious partnership through integration of equine bodywork and horsemanship.

Equine Assisted Therapy Retreats

Equine Assisted Therapy Retreats combines traditional therapy with experiential learning, using horses as a catalyst for change. Horses are incredibly intuitive and sensitive animals that can reflect our emotions and behavior. Through interacting with these majestic animals, we can gain insights into our own patterns and develop new skills to better navigate life’s challenges.

Youth Programs

We offer a dynamic youth program designed to instill a love of horses and develop essential riding skills in children. Our program provides a safe and supportive environment for children to learn about horse care, horseback riding, and the importance of teamwork. Our goal is to lead engaging and interactive lessons that cater to children of all skill levels, ensuring that every child receives personalized attention and guidance. We are committed to fostering a lifelong passion for horses and providing a memorable and enriching experience for every child who participates in our youth program.

Horsemanship and Riding Lessons

Our approach to therapeutic horsemanship is centered around creating a safe and supportive environment where participants can build a connection with horses. Horses are incredibly sensitive animals, and they have an innate ability to sense the emotions and needs of humans. Through their interactions with horses, participants can learn to communicate more effectively, build trust, and develop greater self-awareness.


Heart Centered Horsemanship specializes in starting young horses under saddle, re-training horses for new careers, problem solving for specific issues, and developing horses that are safe, confident and relaxed both on the ground and under saddle. Methods integrate groundwork, gentle tension-release bodywork, round pen training, trail riding, and basic dressage to create an ideal foundation for any discipline.

Spotlighted in 'Integrating Horses into Healing': Unveiling the Heart-Centered Horsemanship Approach

Make sure to check out Cheryl Meola's book, "Integrating Horses into Healing". This comprehensive guide brings together the wisdom of equine specialists, researchers, clients, and veterinarians, offering a holistic perspective on Equine Assisted Services (EAS).

Among these esteemed voices, my own insights find a place, highlighting the heartwarming connection between equines and healing. I invite you to explore the pages of 'Integrating Horses into Healing: A Comprehensive Guide to Equine Assisted Services,' as we collectively embark on a journey of compassion and growth.



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