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Beyond Words: Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy Workshop

October 31, 2023 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Rancho Las Cascadas, Mexico

About this event

Nestled on a mountain plateau in rural Mexico, bordered by three waterfalls, Rancho Las
Cascadas is not only enchanting, offering a blend of traditional Mexican culture and
up-to-date modern amenities, it is reputed to be the most hospitable hacienda in Mexico!
The staff is lovely as are the horses! The Ranch is all-inclusive so all you need to do is pack
your dreams and your personal goals.[Please visit their website, or TripAdvisor, for a
more complete description (www.rancholascascadas.com)]

The equine-assisted therapy will be done on the ground, no riding or horse experience
necessary. For those interested in riding, you can choose to go out on the trail every
afternoon. There is a group for every riding level.

There will be approximately four hours of therapeutic exercises per day in the “round pen”
(the area cordoned off for the horses) with breaks for lunch, snacks, and discussion. The
horses will be our co-therapist in exploring issues of intimacy and connection, boundaries
and assertiveness, mindfulness, non-verbal communication, emotional self-awareness,
self-regulation, acceptance and grief, among other issues. We consider play and laughter an
important part of therapy and life! So, each session will also include some playtime with the
horses who actually love to play!

Those of you who are interested in more advanced riding and horse skills will be able to
work with Stacey in the afternoon in lieu of the round-pen therapy experience.

As you will learn and experience firsthand, horses, being “prey” animals (as opposed to
“predators” like dogs) need to be highly sensitive to their immediate environment to
survive. They communicate their emotions, whether fear or happiness, nonverbally, to the
rest of the herd. When you work with horses, spend time with them, you become part of
the herd. If you want to know what you’re feeling, ask a horse! They reflect your feelings
back to you!

The workshop will consist of three days of therapeutic horse-work. The fourth day is
dedicated to either a full-day excursion to San Miguel De Allende, one of the most charming
cathedral cities in Mexico for shopping, galleries, exploring…and a lunch at a classic
Mexican restaurant overlooking the bustling town center. Or you can choose to stay at the
Ranch and partake of the various activities offered, such as trail riding, hiking, massaging,
pool and hot tub, etc. There are also additional excursions you can book if you so choose.
For those of you worried about traveling to Mexico, the Ranch is safely tucked away in the
mountains. The most danger you might face is having your horse decide to take a rest stop
next to a huge bull. Happened…I’m alive!

The Ranch offers transfers to and from the Mexico City Airport, approximately one and
one/half hours from the Ranch. These transfers will be offered once daily and we will let
you know the approximate times so that you can book your flights accordingly. The cost of
the transfer will be split by the number of riders. If you’d like to take your own transport,
you are surely welcome.