Private or group retreats at LaBelle Equestrian

Unwind and Reconnect

Treat yourself, your family, or a group of friends to a day at the farm or an extended visit for a full immersion in the Heart Centered Horsemanship experience. These mini-retreats can be custom designed to your unique preference. LaBelle Equestrian is a beautiful property that includes a covered arena, accommodations for overnight guests, an exceptional herd of horses, and a variety of farm animals.

Schedule Your Retreat!

Retreats can be customized to suit your specifications. A full day retreat includes a two hour morning session, lunch break, and three hour afternoon session. A half day retreat includes a three hour session in the morning or afternoon. A two day retreat can include either full or half day sessions on each day. 
What does it cost? Fees will vary according to group size, length of stay and activities selected. For details, price quote, and more information please send an email to

Accomodations at the pool house: $75/night
Overnight stabling for trailer-in: $25/night 

Offerings Include:

Yoga Classes

These can be modified to suit any experience and ability level. These classes focus on aspects of yoga that relate to working with horses; including mindful breathing, expanding awareness, releasing habitual patterns and blocks that interfere with a fluid connection to the horse, grounding and stillness, and understanding how we can embody the movements we are seeking from our horses in groundwork and riding.

Engaging with Horses at Liberty

With the horse unrestricted by halters and ropes, we can initiate a conversation based on our body language, energy, and intention. Horses are wonderful teachers, offering immediate feedback on aspects of ourselves that might be unconscious. They offer opportunities for awareness, growth, and adaptation. The focus of these sessions is connecting from the heart, respecting the horse as an equal,  developing mutual trust, and letting the horse guide you towards the learning that will serve you most in that moment. 

Groundwork and Connected Movement

Horsemanship is a balance between strength and softness. It requires us to constantly recognize what the horse is showing us, respond in the present moment, and communicate with clarity and congruence. These sessions will help you learn to regulate your own nervous system to help the horse stay calm and attentive, to set clear and effective boundaries, and to adjust your energy according to what is happening in the present moment. Through simple and effective practices you will gain confidence in communicating with horses in ways they can clearly understand. 

Touch for Connection, Relaxation, Tension Release, and Ease of Movement

The power of touch goes a long way in our relationship with the horses. There are many ways we can use touch to help horses become more calm, grounded and focused. We can support them in releasing muscular tension and bracing that can restrict movement, block fluid connection, and create discomfort. Through hands-on practices we can support ease of movement and feel the horses become more soft and yielding. We can experience the horse melting into our contact and letting go of resistance. We can create a space that feels good to the horse, that they choose to be in, and that supports mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Not only are these sessions beneficial for the horses, but for the humans as well. 


Our lesson horses are experienced in helping riders of all levels gain confidence and skill as they bring the previous lessons to the saddle. You will experience how your movements influence the horse, as if they are an extension of your own body. Riding is a balance between following the movement of the horse and creating what you desire through intentional communication with your body and energy. It is a unique experience of union with another being in which we connect minds and bodies to move as one.