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We strive to improve the relationship between horse and rider through natural horsemanship techniques. Our clinics provide a unique opportunity for riders of all levels to learn from experienced instructors in a supportive and engaging environment.

Yin Horsemanship Clinics teach participants techniques to create a soft, harmonious partnership through integration of equine bodywork and horsemanship.

Yin and yang describe distinct qualities of energy that, when balanced, create a peaceful and tranquil state of bliss. From the Taoist philosophy, they represent the opposing forces that constantly interflow. Taoism teaches us to find balance in these opposing forces through our interactions with all things.

Many traditional training practices focus on what we can make the horse do, which represents the yang element of horsemanship. Yin Horsemanship clinics focus on listening, responding, allowing, and offering relaxation and restoration. These unique clinics combine hands-on techniques and groundwork to release tension in mind and body and facilitate fluidity and ease of movement, creating a harmonious connection between horse and human. In partnership with bodyworker Deb D’Amato, these clinics will teach you hands-on practices that can be done from the ground to help your horse feel better and improve performance in any discipline.


We believe that horsemanship is not just about riding, but also about understanding the horse’s behavior, body language, and psychology.

Our clinics are designed to teach riders how to communicate with their horses in a way that is clear and effective, while also respecting the horse’s innate instincts and personality.

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Whether you are looking to improve your riding skills, develop a stronger bond with your horse, or simply enjoy a weekend of learning and fun, Heart Centered Horsemanship Center has something for you. Contact us to schedule a clinic or series at our barn or yours!