Youth Programs

Ride Into Adventure

At Heart Centered Horsemanship, we are passionate about sharing our love for horses with the next generation. Our Youth Program offers a unique opportunity for children to learn about horse care, horseback riding, and the importance of teamwork in a safe and supportive environment.

Students of Heart Centered Horsemanship youth programs learn directly from the horses that we can gain their cooperation through kindness, compassion, and taking responsibility for our actions. Horses have much to teach us about creating positive and mutually beneficial relationships, and youth programs are an ideal opportunity for kids to learn these powerful lessons in a fun, safe, and encouraging environment.

Heart Centered Horsemanship offers multi-day summer camps and one-day mini camps throughout the year for children ages 6-14.

  • Students learn to interact with horses from the ground and “speak” the language of the horse through their movements and body language.

  • They learn the importance of mindfulness, clear communication, congruence of intention and action, and how to “listen” to their horses and respond accordingly.

  • Camps include short yoga classes each day that focus on developing the qualities necessary for good horsemanship, improving body awareness and coordination, and how to communicate through the body when riding.

  • Children also have opportunities to interact with the variety of animals that live at LaBelle Equestrian, including mini horses, goats, chickens, dogs, cats, and even a llama! 

Calling all Young Equestrians! Discover the Magic of Horses!

 We are committed to fostering a lifelong passion for horses and providing a memorable and transformative experience for every child who participates in our Youth Program.