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Heart Centered Horsemanship specializes in starting young horses under saddle, re-training horses for new careers, problem solving for specific issues, and  developing horses that are safe, confident and relaxed both on the ground and under saddle. Methods integrate groundwork, gentle tension-release bodywork, round pen training, trail riding, and basic dressage to create an ideal foundation for any discipline.

We understand that every horse is unique and requires an individualized approach to training

Stacey specializes in starting young horses under saddle in a way that makes being ridden a positive and enjoyable experience for the horse. Her approach blends a variety of methods that help the horse maintain a calm and relaxed state while developing weight-bearing posture to comfortably carry a rider.  These include hands-on techniques, liberty training, in-hand work, and classical dressage, focusing on building confidence in the young horse in a gentle and incremental process that does not use force or punishment.

Stacey also has extensive experience in re-training “problem” horses and rehabilitating those that struggle with anxiety, behavior issues, and trauma from past experiences. She works not just with the horses but also with their people to create trusting relationships that are beneficial to both horse and human.

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Our approach to training is centered around creating a strong relationship between horse and rider, using a combination of techniques that prioritize the horse's physical, emotional, and mental well-being.